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Ask the Dr : Massage or Chiropractor?

Ask the Dr.

Once a quarter, we ask our Dr. to answer some of the most common questions we hear. Have a question you would like answered? Email us!

Question: I’m in pain, should I get a massage or see my chiropractor?

Dr. Anthony:  It can be difficult to decide whether pain requires a trip to a physician or just a good massage.  Last week, after telling a new patient to “maintain” with her massage therapist, with great surprise, she said, “I’ve never heard a chiropractor say that before.  I’ve always been told to come back in 2 weeks for maintenance.”

It’s hard to know who you should see for care and how often.  At Tri-Synergy, we discourage one-size fits all treatment plans or “maintenance plans”.  We welcome and encourage a visit if something is bothering you with pain or if your movement isn’t what you feel it should be.  Once you are feeling better (typically 2 to 4 treatments), we encourage you to maintain your comfort with healthy movement.  Massage therapy (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) can be an excellent way to keep your body, joints, and muscles feeling their best.

If a patient has tried massage therapy and didn’t see the progress they wanted, that is a great time to call us.  We have significant training and clinical expertise beyond massage therapy to diagnose and address your symptoms.  But for maintaining your body and feeling good long-term, we hope your year involves more visits with a massage therapist than with us.

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