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How We Help

At Tri-Synergy, everything we do is aimed at helping our patients feel better faster. We believe that your care should be as unique as the reason you’re seeking treatment. To create a treatment plan that is tailored to your body’s needs we utilize several different techniques. Below you’ll find some basic information on the various techniques we’ll use to help you.


ART- Active Release Techniques

What is ART- Active Release Techniques?

Active Release Techniques is specific and advanced direct myofascial release. It provides gentle treatment for muscle, connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons. Dr. Anthony has significant experience treating pain in the carpal tunnel, shoulder, ankle, back, knee and hip. Patients often find complete relief within a 3-5 visits. Patients comment how quickly they are relieved of pain they thought wouldn’t go away without pain medication.

Why would my muscles hurt so much or not heal on their own?

Our bodies develop scar tissue quickly in areas that are irritated, stressed and tired. This can be from sitting with poor posture, walking in unsupportive shoes, or minor sports injuries. Tough, dense scar tissue prevents proper blood flow and restricts optimal movement of tissues which can lead to pain and soreness. Nerves can be irritated by this dense scar tissue and alter sensation to our arms and legs.

ART uses gentle examination and treatment that feels like a comfortable massage. Dr. Anthony may use ART to reverse the role of scar tissue relating to your pain.  ART is often successful at fixing the problem for the long term instead of living with nagging pain.  Patients often only need 1 or 2 checkups per year after symptoms have resolved.

Learn more at ActiveRelease.com

Spinal Manipulation

What is Spinal Manipulation?

Manipulation is a more assertive amount of input to a joint than mobilization.  Manipulation (or adjustments) involves moving joints through a healthy range of motion.  Chiropractic Manipulative Technique (CMT) is a umbrella-term categorizing specific and advanced movements which Chiropractors are trained to treat with.  There are many different styles of Chiropractic manipulation.  Every adjustment Dr. Anthony applies is aimed to be gentle–nothing is forced.

Dr. Anthony uses manipulation from a perspective of evidence based medicine.  There are many conditions which have been shown by scientific research to be helped by manipulation, including: low back pain, neck pain, rib pain, headaches, and sciatic pain.  We do not believe all disease is caused by misalignment of the body.  We do not believe every patient requires manipulations to feel well and live optimally.  We do not believe every patient needs ongoing visits to prevent recurrence of pain.  We suggest a unique plan for your body and your life.  As you see improvement, you will likely need to see us less and less.

Why might manipulations help with pain?

Adjustments to specific joints may help restore movement and stimulate input to the body.  It may be recommended as a part of your treatment plan.  We value the special tools of Chiropractic care and choose to blend manipulation with strength, stability, and range of motion.

Rehabilitation Exercises

What are Rehabilitation Exercises?

Research offers so many reasons to incorporate a rehab plan in your healing process.  Exercises might include stretching, mobilizing, strengthening, or creating more stability.  Exercises in our office include inexpensive tools and ideas that can be brought to your home or work.  Dr. Anthony will look to teach you to be the expert in your own body.

Why might rehab help me?

Dr. Anthony has significant expertise in analyzing where your body might benefit from more range of motion, greater stability, or increased strength.  Like a delicious recipe, you must begin with excellent ingredients, but the timing of the plan creates a wonderful meal.  Once you learn the right timing for seeking more motion, stability, or strength, you will be able to take hold of your improvement–without needing to visit the office for every step.  We will ensure you understand what is safe and important so you can get back to your life with less pain.

Custom Orthotics

What are orthotics?

Orthotics are a form or mold specifically crafted for your feet to encouraged a change in the way you walk, run, and move.  Orthotics should be matched, in part, to your unique foot, but altered to stimulate change in your biomechanical pattern.  This is different than a shoe insert, which is aimed at adding cushioning and padding.  Structural problems may lead to pain in the ankle, calf, knee, hip or low back.  If symptoms cannot be fixed with manual treatment and rehabilitation, a custom orthotic may be considered.

Tri-Synergy partners with the Shawn Eno, board certified pedorthist at Xtreme Footwerks in Idaho Springs, Colorado.  He is an expert (and artist) of creating excellent orthotics.  Dr. Anthony performs a full evaluation on your unique feet, legs, and biomechanical pattern (running, walking, and standing).  The custom orthotic is crafted according to your specific evaluation along with a pedograph and casting of your feet.

Why might custom orthotics help me?

In addition to manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation, Dr. Anthony may suggest an orthotic to address a musculoskeletal positional alignment deficiency.  This combination of treatment tools has helped resolve many cases of spine, back, hip, knee, ankle, leg or foot pain and repetitive stress originating from poor biomechanical structure and function.