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Empowering you BEYOND back pain

How often have you been told a “strong back” and “stable core” will lessen your pain or remove it all together?  Have you tried suggestions from a magazine or been given a sheet of exercises from a doctor?  At Tri-Synergy, our ethos focuses to educate, treat, and empower our patients. With this post, we begin a 4-part series well beyond “removing back pain” but rather how to move from back “weakness” to empowerment.


The first step toward empowerment is to understand how common back pain and back “injuries” are in our culture.  I label injuries with a hesitation, because so much of what causes back pain & dysfunction is NOT a result of damaged or broken tissue but from a failure to adapt.  Dr. Leon Chaitow (ND, DO) states, “most back pain and dysfunction represents the result of a failure of adaptation” leading to “decompensation”.  Back pain is not usually about an xray or MRI to find the “broken part”, rather to figure out how the body failed to adapt.


Over 80% of us will have back pain in our lifetime.  Of those that do, the chance for recurrence is over 80% per year!  This includes diagnoses of lumbago, degenerative joint disease, scoliosis, spondylosis, lateral stenosis, radicular sciatica, and plenty other big words that would prove valuable on a board exam.  You might know enough Latin to see these diagnoses label the painful structure (WHAT), but tell us VERY little about the reason WHY or HOW.


Instead of viewing the prevalence of back pain as job security, I’d prefer to encourage awareness and empowerment–let’s move beyond disability or fear as we think about our potential for low back pain.  When you seek care, either at Tri-Synergy Chiropractic or elsewhere, you should feel MORE capable to be self-sufficient and LESS fearful of what might happen in the future.


We hope you feel encouraged and find the future posts helpful.  Check with our blog in 2 weeks for the next installment.  You may already feel eager to hear HOW to address pain right now–I feel strongly that the practical options and application work to the fullest when we appreciate WHY.


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