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Definition of a Chiropractor.

Ask the Dr. Question: Can you give a definition of what chiropractors do and what is chiropractic? Dr. Anthony: Chiropractic Medicine is medicine that does not use surgery or drugs. Many patients think of a chiropractor as a back doctor or a manipulator, an adjustor–that is the most common perception. That is fairly accurate, given, how many chiropractors practice.  What might be surprising to some patients is that the training in …Read More

Sleep: Are you getting enough? Your household may not have a toddler keeping you up at night, but if you’re with 80% of Americans, you’re not getting enough sleep.  I’ve continued to struggle getting enough, and it’s only going to be more difficult with one more on the way.  I welcome you to daydream as we highlight the value of regular, restful sleep. American adults are currently averaging about 6.5 hours …Read More

Prenatal vitamins: is it worth it?

This question comes from Cheryl: “I was wondering if taking prenatal vitamins when you are not pregnant or trying to get pregnant is dangerous? Someone who frequently does my hair recommended it to me and I have done some reading and see some people suggest it while some say there are many dangers, including death ? I am confused and was wondering if you would mind sharing you opinion.” What …Read More

Sports Drinks & Exercise

Is Gatorade slowing you down? What does Gatorade & other sports drinks bring to mind?  Do you think of chiseled atheletes dripping colored sweat?  Do you imagine a stained suit after the super bowl? It is amazing how deft product marketing can be.  The insidious effect is beyond a suggestion to buy the product, rather to expect the product to always be available.  Many of us expect a sports drink …Read More

Mike’s Low Back Pain story

Mike experienced 3 long weeks of intense low back pain.  We appreciate his wife’s referral–the path he was headed down was concerning. He had visited his internist after just a few days of pain.  The X-rays taken showed only mild amounts of degeneration, and he was prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine & told to stop golfing and rest in bed for a week.  Sound familiar?  Unfortunately, this continues to be a typical …Read More

Is stretching harmful?

Could your preworkout routine lead to injury? Have you seen runners pulling their heels back preparing for a morning jog? Have you watched a pickup basketball game begin with deep knee bends? Should we stretch before we work out? This is more complex than a yes or no–let’s look at the research and the evidence: Types: The most common type of stretching is (A) Static stretching: holding an elongated muscle …Read More

New Year’s Resolutions

Did Santa leave extra weight under your tree? How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Did you make any? Nearly half of all Americans made a resolution this year–and two weeks in, about 70% of you are still going strong. The most popular resolution is losing weight, increasing exercise or changing eating habits. Let’s look at the evidence to successfully make changes. We need to soak in good information. We …Read More

Fighting obesity…

         …of the Backpack Our children are carrying too much weight, and I’m not just talking about their bodies.  We have a problem we can solve immediately: the weight they carry in backpacks. Some children are carrying 20, 30, or even 40% of their body weight on their backs. Imagine: a grown man carrying a 3rd grade child around on your back at work–it would look ridiculous, because it is …Read More

Decisions, Decisions

Do you remember what it was like to buy a bicycle…or a television–it was probably a little confusing.  You might have started your research online then visited a local store to mosey up and down the aisle trying to figure out how much you had to spend to get what you wanted.  Will it last?  Is this the right size? It can be difficult to purchase a durable good, and …Read More

Scorn or Delight: Life as a Chiropractic Physician

What does “chiropractor” bring to mind for you? I enjoy when my title is brought up in social context, because folks are rarely shy about sharing their perspective about my field of doctorate.  I imagine more pleasantries are offered for lawyers, real estate agents, pastors, and even customer service workers.  Something about Chiropractic Medicine conjures the desire to share a story.  The anecdote usually goes one of two ways: it’s …Read More