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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions we hear when a patient is considering Tri-Synergy. Of course, if you find your question isn’t addressed below, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

Do I have to have x-rays before treatment?

No. X-rays are only recommended when clinically necessary for proper diagnosis and treatment of your symptoms. We do not regularly require an x-ray to treat our patients. Most of our patients visit us with neck pain, back pain, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff, hip, knee or ankle issues. We can often resolve symptoms within 3-4 visits and sometimes even faster. For more info on x-rays, read our blog post: Do I Need X-rays to See a Chiropractor

What if I've never been to a chiropractor?

Not a problem. Our treatments are gentle and comfortable. The majority of our patients have never been to a chiropractor before. We respect and share ideas with physical therapists, massage therapists, medical doctors, and other rehabilitation specialists. We are passionate about giving you the best individual treatment possible, not a formula for all conditions.

Will I have to use a gown in the office?

No. Patient modesty and comfort is very important to us. We may have you roll up a sleeve to see your elbow or hike a pant leg to see your ankle, but that is most often the extent of it. We have athletic shorts and t-shirts that patients can change into if we need to work on your knee or hip. Our treatment is provided in comfort & privacy of a closed treatment room. Only staff members whom you are comfortable sharing your story with will be present in the room.

Do you accept and file my insurance?

We do not accept insurance as a form of payment.  We will provide you with all you need to file your own insurance for reimbursement directly to you. We believe it should be the doctor and patient that decide the course of your treatment and not an insurance company. We will provide a paid receipt to attach to your insurance form so you can file your claims. The good news is most patients respond to treatment in just a few visits and you may not even meet your deductible.

How long is the appointment?

We reserve an hour and a half for new patient appointments.  That gives you and the doctor time to discuss what you’ve been through, allow for a full examination and remaining time for treatment that first day.

Most follow-up appointments are 35-45 minutes.

How many visits will I need?

Most of our patients resolve in 3-5 visits.  It depends on how long the problem has been around and what pain you’re dealing with.  We would love to see you resolve as quickly as possible so you can brag about us to your friends and family.