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Ask the Dr.- June 2013

Ask the Dr.

Once a month, we ask our Dr. to answer some of the most common questions we hear. Have a question you would like answered? Email us!

Question: What is going on when a person’s back cracks and what is an adjustment?

Dr. Anthony- “A very normal question.  Most chiropractors use adjusting as the ‘one tool’ or the most common technique for treatment. When a chiropractor adjusts a patient they will position the joint comfortably and then apply force through that joint. A patient will sometimes hear a pop, a click, or a crack.  What we believe is actually happening is that the fluid inside of the joint, which is called synovial fluid, is releasing nitrogen bubbles.  It is kind of like opening a soda can where the bubbles come out of a solution once it’s opened. An adjustment may sound like joints moving dramatically, but it’s actually meant to be a release of pressure and improving movement.”


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