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Tri-Synergy Chiropractic is focused on efficient and effective care for High Point - Greensboro, NC. We want to aid in your healing. Our therapies are safe, comfortable, and pain-relieving.

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What We Do

Tri-Synergy offers safe, effective, and efficient treatment. We treat you quickly--most patients are finished in 3 visits and 95% of patient incidents are resolved within 5 visits.

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What We Don't Do

Sometimes what you don't do can make just as much of an impact as what you do. Learn more about why Tri-Synergy is the best solution for your injury or chronic pain.

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Ask the Dr : Headaches & Chiropractors

Ask the Dr. Once a quarter, we ask our Dr. to answer some of the most common questions we hear. Have a question you would like answered? Email us! Question: How can Chiropractic care help headaches? Dr. Anthony: Think there’s just ‘regular’ headaches or ‘migraine’ headaches? Think again!  We can feel our head

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Empowering you BEYOND back pain- Finale

Back Pain Solved!  Have you reached your hope of pain free movement?  How are those motions coming along?  Were you able to find ‘neutral’ in Cat-Camel?  Have you achieved perfect stability with Birddog?  Are you flying through the air with perfect extension thanks to your 60 seconds of endurance of Superman?

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Empowering you BEYOND back pain- part 3

I want to reinforce two points: 1) back pain is extremely common & 2) most current medical approaches are failing to address our back pain cost effectively or for long term relief.  Have you been having conversations about how often back pain is viewed as a catastrophe?  Have you pondered how frequently you’ve pursued power (strength)

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What Our Clients Say next prev

  • As a small business owner I'm not allotted sick days. That's why I am so thankful to the team at Tri-Synergy and their unique approach to chiropractic technique. What I thought would take weeks to recover from was taken care of with just a few visits to Dr. Anthony and his team. Truly, if you're not in the position to let pain slow you down you need to choose Tri-Synergy."

    Paula M., Greensboro, NC

  • Anyone should consider Tri-Synergy who truly desires to improve their quality of health and learn how to prevent pain from controlling their life!"

    Stan H. , King, NC

  • I was very reluctant to see a chiropractor. Dr. Anthony is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and was very easy to talk to. He has always taken time to answer any questions and most importantly takes the time to make sure he really understands your concerns/issues. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs chiropractic care."

    Kim P. , Greensboro, NC